13 04 2010

Pictures I’ve snapped on the go (now with a BlackBerry!)

Impala logo on the back window. Like a boss.

For Sale: 1 Motorcycle, 1 Ford Focus, and 1 ...Hover-Round.

Zoey on Easter

Self Explanatory

Signed basketball given to Hawks Nest members at Fran's first day

New Iowa Head Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery and Athletic Director Gary Barta


I Love Football, Deal With It

26 03 2010

  • This article takes a look at how the already strong Big Ten is looking to get stronger through expansion.
  • This article discusses Adrian Clayborn’s impending senior season as a Hawkeye.
  • This article over at gives yet another preview of the 2010 Hawkeyes.
  • Here is another look at the running back situation for Iowa, specifically the impact Jewel Hampton’s return will have.
  • The Iowa Athletics Department is looking to give their football facilities an upgrade, says AD Gary Barta in this article.
  • Furthering the Big Ten expansion process, readers of ESPN’s ACC Blog wrote in with their thoughts regarding expansion, since the ACC was the last major conference to undergo major expansion. Check out their thoughts here.
  • This article is actually concerning the University of Minnesota, but I thought it of interest to the beer-loving football fans down here in Iowa. Apparently the Minnesota Legislature is looking to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at TCF Bank Stadium. Currently, beer is only available in Kinnick Stadium if you are in the private suites in the press box. Allowing beer to be sold on the concourse in Kinnick would be…interesting.

Spring Ball!

25 03 2010

The Americanzi

Spring Football has begun in Iowa City! As the Hawkeyes gear up for next season, here are some links to explore:

  • Chicago Bears fans might want to check out this ESPNChicago blog update that tells you why the Bears front office watched Iowa’s Pro Day very closely.
  • This blog update by Dr. Saturday over ay gives a comprehensive look at the 2010 Hawkeyes, and asks the squad to maybe not win by the skin of their teeth this year.
  • This ESPN Big Ten Blog update rounds up a news conference Head Coach Kirk Ferentz had regarding spring ball, two-deeps, and the miserable state of his NCAA bracket.
  • And no update would be complete without expansion news. This entry discusses the possibility of the Big Ten having a championship game without expanding to 12 teams.

Yes, the State of Iowa is good at sports

22 03 2010

Well, the state of Iowa had a pretty good weekend, sports-wise.

For those of you out of the loop on college wrestling (and I suspect that is a majority of people), the University of Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling squad won its THIRD straight National Championship on Saturday, including individual national titles for Matt McDonough, Brent Metcalf (his second) and Jay Borschel. Iowa ended the tournament with 134.5 point teams points, a whopping 44.5 more points than the second place team, Cornell. It was pure domination, much like the entirety of this squad’s undefeated regular season.

This is the 23rd National Championship, further cementing its place as the second most-winningest program in the country, behind Oklahoma State. Although, if you look at the last 30-40 years, it’s pretty clear that Iowa is the most dominant modern program. This kind of dominance makes Iowa Wrestling one of, if not THE, greatest sports dynasty of the modern era.

Elsewhere in Hawkeye Nation, the No. 8 seeded University of Iowa Women’s Basketball team beat No. 9 seed Rutgers in the opening round of the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. Now, the Hawkeyes face off against No. 1 seed Stanford for a bid to the Sweet Sixteen.

Up north in Cedar Falls, Northern Iowa Panther fans had cause to celebrate. In case you somehow missed it, the No. 9 seeded UNI Panthers knocked off No. 1 seed (and No. 1 in the country) Kansas Jayhawks. The Panthers controlled the entire game, slowing down Kansas offensive machine and holding the Jayhawks to their third lowest score of the season. UNI now faces Michigan St. (sans star guard Lucas), with the hopes of continuing their quest for the Final Four.

Posting on Mexican Time

20 03 2010

I apologize for the delay in adding any new posts to the SoapBox. Since last Sunday, I have been enjoying the sun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s been very relaxing, something I needed after an extremely busy last few weeks in school. Tomorrow is my last day in the Homeland, sadly, as my family and I will journey stateside early this Sunday morning. In addition to cracking open my case books for class, I figured returning to my duties here on the SoapBox would be a good way to re-acclimate myself to my routines before actually getting home.

So, without further ado, here’s a sporting news round-up of stories I missed while indulging in rum and cokes on the beach:

  • This blog update from PennLive takes a look at a 16-team Big Ten that adds Mizzou, Nebraska, Colorado, Syracuse and Rutgers. While it is interesting to look at these What-Ifs, I think Colorado coming to the Big Ten is a bit of a stretch, especially with rumors swirling about the PAc-10 looking to poach them from the Big 12. I still don’t think Nebraska or Syracuse bring enough to the table for them to be immediate expansion candidates either.
  • Here’s an article that explains why Pitt can’t afford to be left behind if there is another conference shake-up. This broaches an idea that I’ve begun to entertain: if the Big Ten takes two or more teams from the Big East, does the Big East survive as a football conference? If the Big Ten grabs Syracuse and Pitt, that leaves the conference with only 6 football schools. Would the rest of the schools get cannibalized into the ACC? Could be very interesting.
  • Bruce Feldman’s blog post over at ESPN offers an intriguing March Madness idea: which college Football players would make good players on the hard-court? A few Big Ten guys make the list, most notably OSU’s QB Terrelle Pryor.
  • The Cedar Rapids Gazette continues its preview of the 2010 Hawkeye football team by analyzing the linebackers and then the secondary.

UPDATED: Iowa’s QB/RB Situation, Bulaga/Clayborn News, and Expansion Analysis

10 03 2010

  • This article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette takes a look at Iowa’s QB situation heading into next year. Personally, I don’t think there is any “situation”, seeing as how Stanzi is 18-4 as a starter, with two bowl game victories.
  • Go here to see the ESPN Big Ten Blog’s analysis of Bryan Bulaga, who is ranked the No. 4 player in the Big Ten following the 2010 season.
  • This blog post on PennLive says the addition of Pitt to the Big Ten doesn’t make sense, because it won’t expand the Big Ten’s footprint.
  • This blog post, also from PennLive, pegs Rutgers as the most intriguing Big Ten expansion candidate. Conversely, this post on the Sporting News is questioning why anyone is even talking about Rutgers at all.
  • UPDATE: Another blog post from ESPN’s Big Ten Blog has Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn at the #3 spot in the Big Ten. Pretty impressive that Iowa has 2 guys in the top 5, and 5 guys in the top 30 overall. Not surprisingly, though, 4 of the 5 are defensive players.
  • UPDATE: This blog also breaks down Notre Dame’s entry to the Big Ten. And this post from CBS Sports also analyzes the idea of the Irish being #12.
  • UPDATE: Similar to the look at QBs posted above, this post takes a look at Iowa’s crowded backfield next year.

Surprise! More Big Ten Expansion News!

9 03 2010

Yeah, I’ve got more Big Ten expansion news.

  • Here is an article from discusses how the Big Ten Network makes expansion very likely. Also, here is a comparison of some of the named candidates, compiled nicely into an infographic.
  • Here is an interview with Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel from the Columbia Daily Tribune. Pinkel discusses his thoughts on Mizzou possibly going to the Big Ten.
  • Here is an interview with incoming Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon, including his thoughts on expansion.