Geek Round-Up

13 04 2010

  • Dog lovers and alcohol enthusiasts can merge their passions with this dog collar keg
  • In a move everyone saw coming, Google will be creating their own tablet computer to take on the iPad. Read more at NYT.
  • Go here if you want to see what Legends of Zelda would look like in 8-bit 3D.

Sci-Fi News

3 03 2010
  • Check out this stop-motion short featuring LEGO Star Wars characters in an epic lightsaber battle!
  • This article shows that what started as an internet joke is becoming a reality. Along side Battleship and Monopoly, old-school arcade classic Space Invaders is getting it’s own feature film adaption.
  • An article on Gizmodo today shares NASA’s report that they have found 600 million metric tons of ice on the Moon’s north pole. Supposedly, this amount of ice may support a base built on the moon. The question is, with the government’s cutting of the lunar program, will it ever happen?

New Addition to the Reviews Tab

25 02 2010

Check out my newest addition to the Reviews section: Film Addiction.

Video of the Day: Shaun White @ ESPN

24 02 2010

Available here, via YouTube

The 3D Revolution is Upon Us

24 02 2010

Judging by its insane $2 billion world-wide box office numbers, you have probably seen Avatar, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic. Due to the hype around the technology, and Avatar’s marketing, you probably ponied up the extra $2-$3 per ticket to see it in 3D. And trust me, you should have. Cameron spent years, literally, developing the technology it would take to craft the world of Avatar, and that includes the 3D cameras he used to film the entire movie.

With Avatar’s success has come a wave of 3D Hollywood films. No longer the fare of kids films and slasher films, 3D has become the “next-big-thing” for every producer pumping out a tent-pole film in the next 2-3 years. The upcoming Clash of the Titans remake, starring Sam Worthington, was not filmed in 3D. However, it’s release has been pushed to April to allow editors to reformat the movie into 3D. Announcements have already been made that the remaining Harry Potter films will be in 3D, as will the recently announced Spider-Man reboot, being directed by (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

Now, the home-viewing market has to catch up. Obviously, home-viewers want to recreate the cinema experience in their own homes. That’s why we have 55-inch flat-screen HDTVs and high-definition Blu-Rays players. But what about 3D? When Avatar hits Blu-Ray disc later this year, people are going to want that same 3D experience in their living rooms. The problem is, the technology used to film these new 3D wonders requires the home-viewer to upgrade their technology too. Your Blu-Ray player and HDTV are going to be useless if you try to watch your Avatar 3D Blu-Ray on it.

Don’t worry, though, TV manufacturers are on the ball. Take LG, for example, which just leaked their newest 3D TVs and 3D Blu-Ray players. By mid-May, you’ll be able to go out and buy 3D capable TVs and Blu-Rays to enjoy 3D movies at home. (No idea if they come with the goofy glasses or if you have to buy those on your own.) Phillips, Sony and Samsung will roll out their own versions as well, and I’m sure Vizio won’t be far behind. For lucky PS3 owners, don’t fret, your system is still the best Blu-Ray player on the market, and Sony will be releasing a firmware update that will make your PS3 3D compatible too.

Also buried in that leak is LG’s announcement of a webcam for your TV. For Skypers and iChat-ers, this means that if you have an internet-ready system, you can be video-chatting in 720p resolution on your big flat-screen. Definitely a step-up from your MacBook’s iSight and 15-inch screen!

With Hollywood studios and home-viewing manufacturers on board, I’m sure 3D is here to stay. Let’s just hope that it is sooner rather than later that they finally figure out how to do it without the black plastic eye-wear.

BlogRoll Additions

23 02 2010

As I wade through the mass amounts of WordPress blogs out there, I will occasionally add blogs I enjoy to the blogroll on the right-hand sidebar of the SoapBox.

I’ve made three such additions today.

The first is ChadBeatty, the blog of my friend…Chad Beatty. Chad is a wrestler for the Iowa Hawkeyes, as well as a bit of an artist. I met Chad five years ago, when we lived on the same floor of the Hillcrest Residence Hall. He’s a great guy, a fantastic wrestler and a wonderfully creative person. Check his stuff out!

The second addition is DaveHartwig’s Blog, the blog of my other friend, Dave Hartwig. Specifically, his blog revolves around the theme of “What Can’t I Complain About?” Dave will share his complaints about all manner of topics, even topics you suggest!

The third addition is Jay Borschel, the blog of another Iowa wrestler. I don’t really know Jay, but I do my best to promote anything and everything Hawkeye Wrestling related. Check out his blog to get into the mind of one of the best collegiate wrestlers in the country today.

The Tabs are Growing!!!

23 02 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve made some additions to the tabs you can access across the top of the SoapBox.

The Links tab will take you to a list of websites that I frequent. Mostly, they are news blogs (for film and gadgets) and ways to kill time (comic strips, TFLN).

The Marathon tab will take you to my training journal for the marathon I plan on running this fall.

The Reviews tab will take you to my mini-reviews of the films I’ve seen and books I’ve read in 2010. The In Theatres link brings up an ongoing list of 2010 films I’ve gone to see, with micro-reviews and ratings. The On The Shelf link takes you to a running list of short reviews of books I’ve read (outside of school) since Jan. 1, 2010.

More tabs and areas will likely open up as the SoapBox grows, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as they do!