I Need A Dollar (Dollar), A Dollar Is What I Need

25 03 2010

That song, entitled “Rasta Monsta”, is the title track of one of HBO’s newest series, How To Make It In America. Not only do I love the song, the show has become my new must-see TV show.

How To Make It In America follows the lives of a handful of twentysomethings in New York City. While the limelight is shared by the cast members, the overall main character is Ben Epstein. Ben is an artist-type that apparently dropped out of art school, and now pursues a mundane career as a salesmen at Barney’s. He is joined by his street-smart, loud-mouthed friend Cam, who is constantly looking for the next, and fastest, way to make a buck. Rounding out the cast are Ben’s friend Domingo, socialite Gingy, Ben’s interior designer exgirlfriend Rachel, Cam’s old-school Cuban mobster Renee, and Kappo, a high school friend of Ben’s that is now a Wall Street high roller.

Each of the 30-minute episodes revolves around a different plot, but the over-arching theme of this season rests on Ben and Cam’s decision to start their own denim line, Crisp. The various episodes show them using street smarts and improvisation to get their clothing line moving. Swirling around that is the constant tension between Ben and Rachel, and the various amounts of trouble Ben’s friends try and get him in.

I didn’t know if I would like the show after watching the pilot. But after watching the next few episodes, I am definitely hooked. And it is only natural, though. The creators of How To Make It In America include Julian Farino and Rob Weiss. Weiss is a producer and writer on HBO’s Entourage, and Farino has directed many Entourage episodes. They bring that Entourage flavor to HTMIIA, and it is definitely one of the reasons the show appeals to me.

If you have HBO, I highly encourage you to check it out. If you don’t have HBO, find a friend who does and convince them to let you use their OnDemand for an afternoon.




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