Posting on Mexican Time

20 03 2010

I apologize for the delay in adding any new posts to the SoapBox. Since last Sunday, I have been enjoying the sun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s been very relaxing, something I needed after an extremely busy last few weeks in school. Tomorrow is my last day in the Homeland, sadly, as my family and I will journey stateside early this Sunday morning. In addition to cracking open my case books for class, I figured returning to my duties here on the SoapBox would be a good way to re-acclimate myself to my routines before actually getting home.

So, without further ado, here’s a sporting news round-up of stories I missed while indulging in rum and cokes on the beach:

  • This blog update from PennLive takes a look at a 16-team Big Ten that adds Mizzou, Nebraska, Colorado, Syracuse and Rutgers. While it is interesting to look at these What-Ifs, I think Colorado coming to the Big Ten is a bit of a stretch, especially with rumors swirling about the PAc-10 looking to poach them from the Big 12. I still don’t think Nebraska or Syracuse bring enough to the table for them to be immediate expansion candidates either.
  • Here’s an article that explains why Pitt can’t afford to be left behind if there is another conference shake-up. This broaches an idea that I’ve begun to entertain: if the Big Ten takes two or more teams from the Big East, does the Big East survive as a football conference? If the Big Ten grabs Syracuse and Pitt, that leaves the conference with only 6 football schools. Would the rest of the schools get cannibalized into the ACC? Could be very interesting.
  • Bruce Feldman’s blog post over at ESPN offers an intriguing March Madness idea: which college Football players would make good players on the hard-court? A few Big Ten guys make the list, most notably OSU’s QB Terrelle Pryor.
  • The Cedar Rapids Gazette continues its preview of the 2010 Hawkeye football team by analyzing the linebackers and then the secondary.



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