1 03 2010

I’m a big fan of taking pictures. Pictures of friends, family and the places I visit. I like documenting where I’ve been and the people I am lucky enough to be friends with, because I know that 30 years from now, I’m going to want to sit back and remember this stage of my life.

I’m the kind of tech geek that carries around in my backpack, on a daily basis, my MacBook Air, a 320GB external hard drive, a digital Sony HandyCam and a Nikon point-and-shoot. As a result, I’ve got a lot of very high quality photos and videos of my life. However, I’m not always lugging around my backpack, and I’m not the kind of guy that likes carrying a lot of gadgets in my pockets. As a result, I take a lot of pictures with my LG Dare’s built-in 3.2 megapixel camera. These are usually the most interesting pictures, taken on the fly, of people I’m with or places I go. I’d like to use these “Tele-Photos” posts to share those pictures with you. Enjoy.

Miami-Dade County Courthouse, Miami, FL

Skyscraper, Miami, FL

Franklin Delano Carlson, my Goldendoodle

Custom framing store in Iowa City, IA called "The Framer's Intent." As a law student, I LOLed.

The Dan Gable Wrestling Complex, in Iowa City, IA

A group of nuns waiting to be seated at a restaurant in Atlanta

Mary Macs Tea Room in Atlanta, GA

Inside Iowa's locker room at Kinnick Stadium

An awesomely named drink at CJ's Crab Shack in South Beach Miami, FL

The sun setting over Chicago, taken from the patio outside the Adler Planetarium

A nasty storm front rolls in over Iowa City, IA

Kinnick Stadium

Rock legend Chuck Berry playing the 2008 Homecoming Concert at the University of Iowa.

Fans storm the field after Iowa upsets #3 Penn State with a last second field goal in 2008

Zoey, my family's Westie, celebrates Christmas

Look for more Tele-Photo posts in the future! And leave comments below!




2 responses

2 03 2010
Brady Hansen

That miami courthouse photo had a prison style fence surrounding the outside. That was funny

2 03 2010

It most definitely did haha.

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