Minimalist Movie Posters: A Massive Collection

26 02 2010

As may be becoming evident, I have a slight obsession with movie posters. My walls at home are decorated with posters of my favorite films, and I constantly keep an eye out for new posters or new takes on old films.

Here is a collection of artists and collections that catch my eye. All of these are minimalist interpretations of classic films, a far cry from the over-photoshopped floating-head posters usually released with new movies. I’ll post links to the collections, as well as an example or two.

First up are Albert Exergian’s minimalist TV posters. They are available for purchase here.


Other posters include Home Improvement, Star Trek and The Simpsons.

Second, Jamie Bolton’s movie posters. Available for purchase here.

Back To The Future Trilogy

Others include the Star Wars trilogy and an awesome Jurassic Park poster.

Third, Ibraheem Youssef’s minimalist Quentin Tarantino collection, available here

Pulp Fiction

Inglorious Basterds

He also has interpretations of Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bill movies.

Fourth, Mario Graciotti has collections of minimalist prints for films by Paul Thomas Anderson, Pixar and Alfred Hitchcock. You can find the full collections here.

There Will Be Blood


This guy has a huge collection in his DeviantArt portfolio that I highly suggest you click through. Definitely talented.




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