Grievance of the Day: Inconsiderate Outlet Blockers

25 02 2010

If you go to the University of Iowa, you know that the Main Library can be quite a busy place. This business is upped even more during peak studying seasons like Finals and Mid-Terms.

I’ve been venturing to the library more and more as of late, mostly because I can’t seem to get anything done in my apartment, and the mausoleum-like silence of the Law Library scares me. While the library is usually busy, the number of people doesn’t bother me. I can tune people out pretty easily, and I like having the chance of seeing someone I know to brighten my mood.

The Main Library was built long before every college student had laptops on them 24/7. As a result, not every study space has an electrical outlet for you to plug-in your battery-devouring MacBook. This presents a problem when you haven’t had a chance to fully charge your laptop, or intend on studying for a long period of time.

Spots at tables or lounge chairs that are near plug-ins are coveted by students. Students will spend 10 minutes walking around the library’s many areas, desperately searching for three tiny holes that will lead to salvation for their dead batteries. I know this, because I was on just such a journey this evening, looking for a place to plop down, plug in, and get to work on a paper.

But now, the Grievance of the Day: Inconsiderate Outlet Blockers.

On tonight’s journey, I passed by three (THREE!) open electrical outlets, outlets with absolutely no chargers of any kind occupying their rare power-giving space. I would have pounced on such a prize, if not for the Outlet Blockers. All three open outlets had a person or group of people occupying the table to which the outlet belongs. And all three groups had no computers, cameras, phones or iPods of any kind on the table or in need of being charged anywhere, from my perspective.

This is just straight up inconsiderate. There are hundreds of tables located in the library that are nowhere near coveted plug-ins. Those tables are usually open for that exact reason! Why, then, would a group of people choose to Block other people from using those outlets? Rudeness, that’s why.




2 responses

25 02 2010
Tim Carlson

It is great to actually see it written that you have ventured to and are using the library, five years in and I can see some written evidence… I would respond with something like you should not let things that you cannot control bother you, but then you have seen me far too many times shaking my head as I pass the on the right hand side the slow speeder in the left lane, so who am I to judge… Plus I like to see that you are actually being conservative and using the College’s electricity versus adding to your monthly bill…

1 03 2010

If you like my electrical conservation, you’ll be glad to know I shut all but 1 of my heater vents and dialed the thermostat down to 65 after getting this month’s MidAmerican bill.

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