Iowa Football Round-Up

23 02 2010

I’ve stumbled across a lot of Iowa football related news today, so I thought I’d collect it here for your viewing pleasure!

First up, Big Ten football post-season player rankings! The ESPN Big Ten Blog has been ranking the top 30 players in the Big Ten following the 2009 season. So far, three Hawkeyes have busted in to the top 30, including #26 Tyler Sash (S), #19 Pat Angerer (OLB), and now #14 Amari Spievey (CB). I’ll be interested to see how the Top 10 round out. I’m sure Bryan Bulaga (OT) will make an appearance, and hopefully Adrian Clayborn (DE) as well.

Speaking of Clayborn, apparently he will plead guilty to last year’s misdemeanor assault case. Allegedly, Clayborn struck a cab driver in the face. Not all the facts are out, but Coach Kirk Ferentz has stood by Clayborn the entire time, claiming there is more to the story. Clayborn has not been reprimanded for the arrest; he served as permanent captain in the 2009 season, and earned MVP honors in the 2010 Orange Bowl.

Also concerning Clayborn, Iowa State Representative Wayne Ford thinks Clayborn shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the Orange Bowl, reports The Des Moines Register. Apparently, Rep. Ford thinks that if an athlete is arrested they shouldn’t be given special treatment. Never mind their Constitutional right to due process, and being innocent until proven guilty, right Mr. Ford? Read the comments on the Register’s site for some thoughtful backlash to this legislator’s big mouth!

The Big Ten finished second in average attendance at football home games this year, finishing only behind the SEC. The large attendance likely comes from the craziness of Big Ten fans, and the massive size of most Big Ten stadiums (Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State can pack over 100,000 fans per game). Iowa came in at #21 nationally, which is pretty good for being one of the smaller schools in the Big Ten.

Iowa’s 2010-2011 football schedule has been available for some time now. For those who have not check it out, go ahead and get an idea of the season ahead of us. By my judgment, we are looking at being 5-0 heading into Michigan on Oct. 16th. With a win there, we could be 10-0 when Ohio State comes to Kinnick Stadium the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Pretty exciting stuff!

To wet your appetites, this is a June, 2008 blog entry from the Orlando Sentinel, which takes a stab at what the future of college football looks like. This entry specifically looks at the idea of college football being carved up into four 16-team super-conferences. This idea has been floating around for awhile, but with the Big Ten’s possible expansion to 12 or 14 teams, a 16-team conference is not too outlandish to consider. I’ll be developing a separate blog entry at a later date regarding this topic, but I thought I’d share this link to give you an idea about what I’ll be discussing.




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