23 02 2010

I think Facebook is a wonderful tool. It allows me to stay in touch with a wide swath of friends, gives me an outlet for a little expression. Facebook, though, has changed. I remember my freshman year of college, when you still needed a .edu email address to even get a Facebook account. The profile was very straight forward, and random people added people they’d never met before just to have more connections at their school.

I’ve been with Facebook as it grew and changed. The ability to upload pictures and tag them to your friends profiles and the addition of status updates. The inclusion of high school Facebook profiles, and then the opening to the general public. At first, the academic beginnings of Facebook stood it above MySpace and the like, because it really did feel like an ever changing yearbook. Now, besides Facebook’s superior interface, not much separates the two.

My biggest gripe with Facebook right now is Applications. My first experience with an Application was the omni-present Bumper Sticker App. Everyone had it and everyone used it; it was a great way to kill time besides creepily clicking through peoples’ new photo albums. Bumper Sticker, like all fads, peaked and then faded out. Other Applications have come and gone, but the one that really started to annoy me is FarmVille. I was okay with ignoring the invitations to join Mafia Wars or Pirates v. Ninjas, if only because I’m used to ignoring random group, event and fan page invitations. FarmVille was different, though, because everyone insisted on publishing their FarmVille updates to the News Feed.

It only took a couple days of “Lost Cows” and “Black Sheep Found” and all that other crap before I started “Hide”-ing the Application’s updates. In some cases, I even blocked certain people from my News Feed just because of their incessant mock-farming. I don’t care about your fake crops or your fake livestock.

Want to know something scary? Think of all the people that use Twitter. I don’t, personally, but I know a lot of people have Twitter accounts, whether to Tweet their own personal thoughts, or simply to follow celebrities. Got that big number of Twitter users all lined up in your minds? Good. Now ponder this: there are more people who play FarmVille than use Twitter. Twitter, with it’s global recognition and incessant mentions in the media, is less popular than a Facebook application that makes you harvest fake crops.

Utterly ridiculous.

Want to know how to Suck At Facebook? Check out this comic from The Oatmeal. Surprise, Surprise: FarmVille is the #1 way to suck at Facebook!




One response

23 02 2010

Every idiot that saves lonely blue cows for fake slaughter needs to read this…reminds me of Dwight’s ‘Second Life’, bahahaha. Nothing annoys me more. Live your real life, idiots!!!!!

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