BlogRoll Additions

23 02 2010

As I wade through the mass amounts of WordPress blogs out there, I will occasionally add blogs I enjoy to the blogroll on the right-hand sidebar of the SoapBox.

I’ve made three such additions today.

The first is ChadBeatty, the blog of my friend…Chad Beatty. Chad is a wrestler for the Iowa Hawkeyes, as well as a bit of an artist. I met Chad five years ago, when we lived on the same floor of the Hillcrest Residence Hall. He’s a great guy, a fantastic wrestler and a wonderfully creative person. Check his stuff out!

The second addition is DaveHartwig’s Blog, the blog of my other friend, Dave Hartwig. Specifically, his blog revolves around the theme of “What Can’t I Complain About?” Dave will share his complaints about all manner of topics, even topics you suggest!

The third addition is Jay Borschel, the blog of another Iowa wrestler. I don’t really know Jay, but I do my best to promote anything and everything Hawkeye Wrestling related. Check out his blog to get into the mind of one of the best collegiate wrestlers in the country today.




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