Money Makes the (Film) World Go Round

22 02 2010

I found this nice little infographic via /Film this morning: The-Numbers-Behind-the-Academy-Awards (

Among some of the more interesting facts regarding money and the Oscars:
– Each Oscar statute costs $500 to make
– Of the 35 highest paid actors in Hollywood, only 17 are Oscar winners
– it takes $5 million to campaign Academy voters to consider a film for an Oscar nomination
– it costs $1.5 million to run a commercial during the show
– reporters in the press booth have to pay $500 to use high-speed internet

This seems like an awful lot of money being thrown around for one night of mediocre entertainment. I’d especially like to know how a studio spends $5 million to campaign to a limited group of Academy voters. Do they make solid gold copies of the DVDS, or what?

I’ll be posting my own Oscar predictions in all 24 categories some time in the next few days.




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