Art School Kids Hate Iowa

22 02 2010

While the title of this post may not be 100% accurate, I’m going to run with it.

I spent this last weekend in Atlanta, visiting a friend that goes to the Savannah College of Art and Design @ Atlanta. Now, let me get this out in front: I have no problem with Atlanta, and I have no problem with Art School Kids. Atlanta is a great city, and I always enjoy my time there. Art School Kids are normally really nice, and I give them a lot of respect for shrugging off conformity to shoot for the stars.


On this this last trip, I found myself getting slightly perturbed by a certain group’s insistence that Iowa Sucks. The setting was a cool little diner, where a group of us went to get milkshakes (and, in my case, hashbrowns with cheese) following a night at a band’s show in Decatur. Of the eight people at the table, I was the lone non-Art School Kid, and I found myself being asked – once again – “So what’s Iowa like?”

My response: “It’s Heaven.”

People that know me know I’m an Iowan through-and-through. I was born here, and I’ve spent a vast majority of my time on this planet living in this Great State. I’ve been a Hawkeye fan my entire life, and have greatly enjoyed my time at the University of Iowa.

So, when the response to my comment was “Oh, I heard it Sucks”, I didn’t take it well. I was visiting a friend, and these were his friends, so I didn’t exactly fly off the handle. But I definitely had a nice little rant about getting haircuts and real jobs all locked and loaded to shoot off. I’ve been working on not burning bridges lately, though, so I held it inside and reduced any future contributions I might make to the Arts by 1%. That’ll show them.

The entire situation made me wonder: why do these kids think Iowa sucks? I mean, that night all we had done was grab dinner at a southern hospitality restaurant, watch a couple decent bands play at a coffee house, and get late night milkshakes at a roadside diner. Doesn’t really sound like anything you couldn’t do in Iowa, right? That’s because it’s not. I mean, I highly doubt these kids are going to Turner Field to watch the Braves or the Georgia Dome to watch the Falcons every home game, so the pro-sports argument is off the table. So what is it that makes Iowa so much “suckier”? Obviously, I’m biased, but they couldn’t really give me an answer either. The whole conversation just devolved into corn and tractor jokes.

This whole post doesn’t really have a point, but I just needed to get it off my chest.

Go Hawks!




3 responses

22 02 2010

It’s cold as hell in Iowa, that’s why it sucks.

22 02 2010

You better watch it, Art School Hippie!

22 02 2010

Yeah, if people don’t like Iowa, they can go jump off a bridge. As soon as I get to a point in my career where it’s possible for me to move back, I’m there.

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